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Holy Crap, I’m Going to Lose My Mind.

I know I haven’t been posting lately, but I’ve been lazy and you can’t stop me internet! Anyway, as I am sure a lot of you nerdfighters know, John Green has been answering questions on a secret tumblr account about The Fault in Our Stars. This account is for people who have finished the book and wish to discuss the story with the author, and this includes me. So I know I’m a complete and utter dork, but I asked John Green a question about TFIOS and I TOTALLY GOT AN ANSWER BACK! I mean I know he made this tumblr to answer peoples questions and if you write a question, you should get an answer back, but I just didn’t think my question was that important for him to answer me! In conclusion, I am a fangirl…

Here’s the secret tumblr page for peeps who have read the book. The password is the last word of the acknowlegements in TFIOS and is case sensitive.

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